Sea Hoss Marine Pad Products

Marine Deck Pad and Tiles- Patent Pending

Recycled tire crumb rubber pads that provide superior footing and reduces muscle fatigue. They are used for Anti-fatigue mat, anti-vibration mat, noise dampening/suppression for Compressors, Motors, Coolers, general decking etc. Replaces asphalt tiles, wood decks and painted non-skid. The Pads come in ¼” and ½” with a load capacity of 500PSI. Unlike old style asphalt deck tiles the SeaHoss marine pads can perform in wider temperature and load variances without cracking. They are available in different sizes to meet your needs:

  • 34.5” x 34.5” x ¼” and ½”
  • 11.52″ X 23.04″ X .5″ –
  • 11.52″ X 17.28″ X . 5″
  • 17.28″ X 34.56″ X .5″
  • 14.4 X 14.4 X .5″

Dock Bumpers and Anti-Chafing Pads

Manufactured with recycled tire crumb rubber. Formulated with the same ruggedness of all our products. The loading dock bumpers provide safety for the dock whether it’s a truck loading dock or the ship dock. They are manufactured in a modular format to provide flexibility to meet your specific needs.

  • 30″ X 5.76″ X 8.64″-Vertical dock bumper to minimize vessel chaffing on dock or to another vessel.
  • 34.5 X 5.76″x 1″ – Flat Dock anti-chafing bumper
  • 4″ X 5.76″ X 8.64″ – Horizontal loading dock bumper