Our Company

BSRM Inc. is a manufacturing and marketing company dedicated to providing industries with cost effective and durable products made from recycled scrap tires, wood, and various other materials. The manufacturing process and the products are proprietary in nature representing products that are competitive from a durability, performance and price standpoint. Our four main areas of concentration:

  1. RV Industry applications – protect the RV tires from degradation, stabilizes RV jack placement, improves commercially available plastic leveling blocks from cracking, isolates the trailer from ground.
  2. Commercial Marine – recycled products for improvement and replacement of decking(E.G. deck tiles were asphalt subject to heat and cold ). New modular dock piling chafing systems, Modular and repairable boat bumpering, etc.
  3. Sound dampening and vibration reduction.
  4. HVAC and Compressor manufacturers/installers on installation use base materials of wood, concrete, and neoprene type rubber that allows for degradation with weight, vibration and environmental conditions. We provide a more durable, better performing product in isolation of vibration, and noise reduction then the typical wood, concrete or rubber isolation pads employed presently.

Scrap tire stockpiles throughout the United States represent dangerous environmental hazards as they are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, rodents, and snakes, and create potential hazards for fires, which are extremely dangerous and expensive to extinguish. BSRM Inc. assists in the reduction of scrap tire stockpiles hazards and will help to utilize some of the 700-800 million scrap tires discarded each year.

Our Team

President – Bruce Rotkowitz

Vice President – Matthew Rotkowitz – Sales

Vice President – Russell Rotkowitz – Marketing

The executives of our company bring over 50 years of experience in diverse areas inclusive of equipment design, development and manufacturing, marketing and sales, legal and insurance. They are committed to focusing on product improvement in our targeted areas of concentration.