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INSOPAD the HVAC Antivibration pad is being picked up by a National Distributor

In the next couple of weeks we will be announcing that the Insopad has been picked up by on of the largest HVAC catalogue companies in US. This is great news for our company and our customers. This will provide a another way for our customers to gain access to our unique anti vibration pad.
Many HVAC installers rely on anti vibration pads manufactured in china. These products are typically not green and only preform there intended function, as an anti vibration pad, for a short period time before they fail. The Insopad is manufactured out of recycled crumb rubber and is made in the USA. The Insopad physical properties easily out performs current neoprene and cork pads. Its physical properties makes exceed these other products that it is in a class by itself.
Take a look at the Insopad at The Insopad is a anti vibration pad that is as mounting point for HVAC equipment installation. The Insopad is a green product manufactured in the USA. It could not be easier to use just place it under the corners of your install. There are a number of sizes available to accommodate residential to large commercial installations. We also have brackets available For your hanging HVAC installations.


Orders for the INSOPAD’s have increased recently as business and people start turning on their AC to cool down their homes. Often time this is when issues are found. The INSOPAD is a great way to ensure a longer life of your AC system by limiting wear tear through vibration reduction. Placing an INSOPAD at the mounting points or feet of the AC system could not be easier. Check out INSOPAD at

INSOPAD received more interest then ever at ASHRAE Las Vegas.

We very excited by the response to the INSOPAD at the ASHRAE convention in Las Vegas. Domestic and International interest was at an all time. Many vendors are in the process of ordering the INSOPAD for the upcoming season of HVAC installations. We are looking forward to next years show in Chicago.

If you would like to receive more information or would like to talk to us in person please contact us directly.

BSRM, Inc.

FieryChill begins distributing the INSOPAD

Fiery Chill HVACR is newest company that is distributing the INSOPAD anti-vibration pad through its innovative website and online ordering system. Please visit www, to order you INSOPAD’s through the internet.

Insopad now offered in 2.88″x2.88″X0.5″

We are happy to announce that that we are offering the Insopad in our newest configuration 2.88″ x 2.88″ x 0.5″. The small INSOPAD is used for most residential installations of HVAC equipment or other equipment. A single box has 36 Insopad Units and is good for up to 9 installs (Assuming one block per corner on a typical install.) The units can be purchased in case of 36 pads or individual depending on need. Please see you dealer to learn more. The pads are have a list price of $2.00 per pad.

Dealers please contact us to order your pads and to findout about available discounts available.


Things continue to move along. Response to the Insopad and Hosspad has been excellent. We are lining up new distributors as fast as the distributors can take the product on. We plan to have a number of new distributors up and running over the next couple of weeks. Stop back often to see what we are doing.

BSRM Inc. Launches Company Website and Blog

1/22/2010 (Medford, NJ)

New Jersey based manufacturing firm BSRM Inc announced the launch of their new company Website ( and company blog ( Please visit these sites to learn more about BSRM Inc and their products: INSOPAD ( and HOSSPAD (

BSRM Inc. is a manufacturing and marketing company dedicated to providing to industries cost effective and durable products made from recycled scrap tires, wood, and various other materials. The manufacturing process and the products are proprietary in nature representing products that are competitive from a durability, performance and price standpoint.