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RV jack pad HOSSPAD vs rubber mats

Recently I received an email from someone telling us they decided to stay with their current jack pad creation/leveling pad. They bought a rubber Matt and cut it into the shape of our HOSSPAD to use as a jack pad. It was their belief that this pad was the same as ours. I am all for people trying to save a buck and be creative. But, please make sure you are comparing Apples to apples. If your creation works for you great. An off the shelf rubber mat is not going to be able to met the performance specification of the HOSSPAD, it’s not meant to.

The Hosspad is the first composite recycled rubber pad that provides both absorption of vibration and insulation from the ground. You won’t have to worry about minor imperfections in the ground as the Hosspad conforms to the imperfections in the ground to give you a┬ástable vibration-reducing platform to jack your trailer on. With the maximum weight capacity on our HOSSPAD Extreme of 49,500 lbs per bock (500 psi) you can be sure that the HOSSPADS will exceed your needs.

Going Green is it worth it.

We are told by this person that organization to “Go Green”. What does it mean to “Go Green”? There is no perfect or correct answer to this question. For some people its the extreme of withdrawing from society, living like a hermit and reusing everything. For others its reusing a water bottle or trying to not to waste. I would suggest that majority of the public is interested in something in the middle. Most of us try to do our best to recycle and buy “green products” with in reason.

The following ideas are just suggestions and are not perfect. Nothing is ever perfect for every situation but if you can get close then you are doing more then most. Try to buy products that have good portion of materials made out of recycled materials. Look for products that are made locally rather then shipped in. This is also goes for recycled products. It does not make sense that crumb rubber tires be shipped over seas to then be made into recycled products and then shipped back to US. New products made with rapidly renewable material sources may also be considered green. An example of this be bamboo or some other organic product like cotton or wood.

The last thing to talk about is cost. We are consumer driven economy where cheapest price is often king. This in many cases is not the case. Often time the cheapest is a piece of garbage that life span is shorter then the time we decided to buy it. Some of the T-shirts that you buy look great but after they are washed they fall apart or fad. I have some quality t-shirts that when I was in high school that still look good. Not new by any means but good. So paying a little bit more for a better and green product may payoff in the future. Yes, it is true that green right now will cost you a bit more money. But, this gap is closing rapidly. Don’t let the marketers of non-green products fool you. Green tends not to be much more expensive and before you know it will cost the same and possible less in the next couple of years.

Good luck with the quest to “Go Green”. Remember there are no completely wrong or right answers here. What degree you decided go green is up to you. Do your best and do not be afraid to question what makes something green or not green. If you can buy and use alternative green products then we all benefit.

INSOPAD the HVAC Antivibration pad is being picked up by a National Distributor

In the next couple of weeks we will be announcing that the Insopad has been picked up by on of the largest HVAC catalogue companies in US. This is great news for our company and our customers. This will provide a another way for our customers to gain access to our unique anti vibration pad.
Many HVAC installers rely on anti vibration pads manufactured in china. These products are typically not green and only preform there intended function, as an anti vibration pad, for a short period time before they fail. The Insopad is manufactured out of recycled crumb rubber and is made in the USA. The Insopad physical properties easily out performs current neoprene and cork pads. Its physical properties makes exceed these other products that it is in a class by itself.
Take a look at the Insopad at The Insopad is a anti vibration pad that is as mounting point for HVAC equipment installation. The Insopad is a green product manufactured in the USA. It could not be easier to use just place it under the corners of your install. There are a number of sizes available to accommodate residential to large commercial installations. We also have brackets available For your hanging HVAC installations.

HOSSPAD RV Jack Pad Maximum Loads

One of the most important things to know about your RV Jack Pad/Blocks is the maximum weight limits. Our HOSSPAD comes in three sizes the HOSSPAD 1/2″, HOSSPAD 1″ and HOSSPAD Extreme. Each of these pads has a specific amount of weight they can hold. For most application any of the HOSSPAD’s will be under the maximum weight limits. This is because the HOSSPAD is not a basic RV Jack Pad/Block. Its technology allows it to hold weights that other pads/blocks fail under.

HOSSPAD 1/2″ = 27,500 lbs per pad (375 psi)

HOSSPAD 1″ = 37,000 lbs per pad (500 psi)

HOSSPAD Extreme = 49,500 lbs per pad (500 psi)

Note: The maximum weight limit of each pad is based on load/weight being placed on top of the entire pad. IF your application only places weight on a portion of the pad then you need to calculate the max load based on the area of the pad under the load. Square inches where the load is being applied times the PSI rating = Maximum Load.

The HOSSPAD is RV Jack stabilizing Pad used under the Jack stands for your RV to help with leveling and stabilization of your RV. The HOSSPAD will act as a Jack Pad by itself or can be used in conjunction with other RV Pads on the market. Jack it up on a HOSSPAD. It is made out of recycled crumb rubber and Made in the USA.

RV Jack Pad Failure

There are many ways that your current RV Jack Pad could fail you. Some failures are minor some can be catastrophic. Jack pads are made out of a number of different materails from homemade pices of wood to polycarbonate or plastic pads. Wood usually becomes and issue when it is left ontop of the ground or sitting in a puddle for a long time under your trailer. This leads to mold growth or dry rot. It also means that the wood is obsorbing water making it way heavier then you would like. If you are traveling around there is nothing worse then having to put a wet piece of wood in your storage compart and have it stink up your trailer.
Minor failures out of plastic or polycarbonate material happens usually because of ground imperfections or wear and tear. Sometimes missalignment of the stacking feature of plastic pads can cause breakage. Sometimes this breakage can be severe with piecies of plastic shards shooting around. This missalsignment is usually the result of imperfections in the ground or it can because the pads shift when wieght is placed on them.
The HOSSPAD an RV Jack pad can help to solve many of the problems. The pad is UV resistant, water resistant and resistant to chemical solvants such as oil. HOSSPAD will not melt under normal operating temperatures including being place on asphault on a hot day. It is manufactured out of recycled crumb rubber tires and therefore a green product. The HOSSPAD can be used in conjunction with your other jacking pads or on its own. You can order your HOSSPADs at

RV Jack Pad Hosspad for Parking Vehicles to prevent premature tire failure.

We hear from people all the time that they have decided to use our Hosspad as a means to stop premature tire failure on their vehicles, cars and even airplane when they store the vehicle for any length of time. In response to this we have begun selling the our RV jack pad the Hosspad to airplane, RV and car owners. We do not have scientific information that separating the tires of the vehicle from the ground, concrete or asphalt will actually help make you tires last. The thought is that Hosspad will separate the tires of your vehicle from the long term effects of ground, asphalt or concrete. It is believed that the concrete draws moisture out of tires causing premature failure.
Even if this idea is not true completely there are some benefits to parking your vehicle on top of Hosspad when it is stored for a period of time. We have found that our pads help to prevent sinking into asphalt or the ground when placed under your tires. They also raise the vehicle off the ground to keep the tires away from standing water or mud from gathering around the tires.

The HOSSPAD is RV Jack stabilizing Pad used under the Jack stands for your RV to help with leveling and stabilization of your RV. The HOSSPAD will act as a Jack Pad by itself or can be used in conjunction with other RV Pads on the market. Jack it up on a HOSSPAD. It is made out of recycled crumb rubber and Made in the USA.