HVAC Unit Pads

HVAC Unit Pads

Use our materials as your HVAC unit pads. You are looking for the best product to support your HVAC system for longevity with the best materials. At BSRM, our customers are introduced to new ways and options for anti-vibration of their HVAC units like they’ve never experienced before. With our products, you will be using quality media to better suit your property’s heating and air conditioning system by protecting it from trembles and quakes that would otherwise damage it. Our company is dedicated to providing industries with cost-effective and durable products made from recycled scrap tires, wood, and various other materials. We are thrilled to be your new partner in better alternatives against the standards that have long been the norm.

These other methods rarely have long-lasting benefits, and we believe it’s time for a change. We think about the elements that can often get forgotten, such as how your system is prone to jittery movements that will affect it’s base- that isn’t good for your HVAC unit. BSRM has several pending patents set to change the way recycled materials will help our customers. Our vision is to continue to create new products in diverse areas inclusive of equipment design, development, and manufacturing.

We are happy to have our team reach out to you. They will look at the specifications of what you are looking for to support your HVAC system. When you leave your contact information and a brief message, we will review your request and get in touch with you as soon as we can. BSRM believes in better products for better functions.

Not only will your HVAC system be supported better and longer, but you will be part of our attempt to reduce wasted materials. BSRM Inc. assists in the reduction of scrap tire stockpiles hazards and will help to utilize some of the 700-800 million scrap tires discarded each year.

You can learn more about our mission to reduce stockpiles of unused scrap tires here. More on our HVAC unit pads can be found here.