Durable RV Jack Pads

Durable RV Jack Pads

Meet the top providers of durable RV jack pads. We utilize recycled materials to develop innovative new products. Our markets include the RV, Commercial Marine and HVAC/Heavy equipment industries. For customers who need cost effective and durable products made from recycled scrap tires, wood, and various other materials- we are here for you. 

We want to give you the best RV Industry applications that protect the RV tires from degradation, stabilizes RV jack placement and  improves commercially available leveling blocks from damage. BSRM Inc. assists in the reduction of scrap tire stockpiles hazards. We help to utilize some of the 700-800 million scrap tires discarded each year. As an RV owner, you will need to use the best material possible for reliable and stable jack pads.

Jack pads are crucial to your RV’s functionality, and using alternate leveling blocks such as concrete blocks, wood, plastic only, and bricks can degrade due to weather, vibration, and unknown environmental variables. Without a more secure method, you run the risk of the elements ruining a trip. As supporters of RV enthusiasts, we understand the frustrations you may have faced replacing less than ideal jack pads. That’s why we support your search for better ways to support your rig. Using composite recycled rubber, our jack pads will last longer: the key for efficiency. 

We’ve seen the different ways RV owners like you have had to design measures to keep your cabin stable. After years of research and experimentation, we have solved the problem for you. You needed a pad that provides both absorption of vibration and insulation from the ground. By using recycled rubber, we cover both needs. Our Hosspad compliments or replaces the old style plastic RV jack pads by conforming to the imperfections in the ground. The products we manufacture are real world solutions that contribute to minimizing the world’s growing environmental issues. 

By using the most durable RV jack pads, our materials will conform to the imperfections in the ground by absorbing elements that would normally crack plastic. When is the last time you’ve evaluated your RV jack and stabilization method? It’s never too late to gear up for your next vacation.

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