The World’s Most Durable RV Jack Pad

The World's Must Durable RV Jack Pad

The design of the HOSSPAD is the first of its kind, being constructed with composite recycled rubber pad allowing absorption of vibration and insulation from the ground, making it the world’s most durable RV jack pad. The HOSSPAD is the next phase in creating a safe and stable rig for owners. It solves the typical problems most RV owners chalk up to standard issues.

The World’s Most Durable RV Jack Pad

The standard leveling materials for RV enthusiasts has long been concrete blocks, wood, plastic, and bricks- all made for other purposes aside from your trailer and many that degrade due to weather, vibration, and unknown environmental variables. Many are finding it makes more sense to go to a designed pad built specifically for that function. With the maximum weight capacity on our HOSSPAD of 500 psi you can be sure that the HOSSPADS will exceed your needs.

This function is familiar enough to compliment the old plastic RV jack pads, and conforming enough to the imperfect conditions to provide a stable platform. Vibrations become reduced, making it easier to jack and level the trailer by being malleable to rocks, stumps, and gravel. Elements like these usually crack the old standard plastic pads.

Product Benefits

This equipment can be used on any surface grass, gravel, cement, asphalt, dirt). These quality of jack pads protect and can replace plastic RV jack blocks. The HOSSPAD unique blend of structure and material makes it resistant to water, oil, UV Light, corrosion, heat, and salt- it conforms to most surfaces. The resistance to the elements protects owners from nagging damages like cracking, splitting, chipping, breaking- all issues that typically makes the owner replace them too routinely. This level of sturdiness means the jack can support up to 49,500 lbs to 90,000lbs per pad (Large to Mega)