RV jack pad HOSSPAD vs rubber mats

Recently I received an email from someone telling us they decided to stay with their current jack pad creation/leveling pad. They bought a rubber Matt and cut it into the shape of our HOSSPAD to use as a jack pad. It was their belief that this pad was the same as ours. I am all for people trying to save a buck and be creative. But, please make sure you are comparing Apples to apples. If your creation works for you great. An off the shelf rubber mat is not going to be able to met the performance specification of the HOSSPAD, it’s not meant to.

The Hosspad is the first composite recycled rubber pad that provides both absorption of vibration and insulation from the ground. You won’t have to worry about minor imperfections in the ground as the Hosspad conforms to the imperfections in the ground to give you a┬ástable vibration-reducing platform to jack your trailer on. With the maximum weight capacity on our HOSSPAD Extreme of 49,500 lbs per bock (500 psi) you can be sure that the HOSSPADS will exceed your needs.