Going Green is it worth it.

We are told by this person that organization to “Go Green”. What does it mean to “Go Green”? There is no perfect or correct answer to this question. For some people its the extreme of withdrawing from society, living like a hermit and reusing everything. For others its reusing a water bottle or trying to not to waste. I would suggest that majority of the public is interested in something in the middle. Most of us try to do our best to recycle and buy “green products” with in reason.

The following ideas are just suggestions and are not perfect. Nothing is ever perfect for every situation but if you can get close then you are doing more then most. Try to buy products that have good portion of materials made out of recycled materials. Look for products that are made locally rather then shipped in. This is also goes for recycled products. It does not make sense that crumb rubber tires be shipped over seas to then be made into recycled products and then shipped back to US. New products made with rapidly renewable material sources may also be considered green. An example of this be bamboo or some other organic product like cotton or wood.

The last thing to talk about is cost. We are consumer driven economy where cheapest price is often king. This in many cases is not the case. Often time the cheapest is a piece of garbage that life span is shorter then the time we decided to buy it. Some of the T-shirts that you buy look great but after they are washed they fall apart or fad. I have some quality t-shirts that when I was in high school that still look good. Not new by any means but good. So paying a little bit more for a better and green product may payoff in the future. Yes, it is true that green right now will cost you a bit more money. But, this gap is closing rapidly. Don’t let the marketers of non-green products fool you. Green tends not to be much more expensive and before you know it will cost the same and possible less in the next couple of years.

Good luck with the quest to “Go Green”. Remember there are no completely wrong or right answers here. What degree you decided go green is up to you. Do your best and do not be afraid to question what makes something green or not green. If you can buy and use alternative green products then we all benefit.