HOSSPAD RV Jack Pad Maximum Loads

One of the most important things to know about your RV Jack Pad/Blocks is the maximum weight limits. Our HOSSPAD comes in three sizes the HOSSPAD 1/2″, HOSSPAD 1″ and HOSSPAD Extreme. Each of these pads has a specific amount of weight they can hold. For most application any of the HOSSPAD’s will be under the maximum weight limits. This is because the HOSSPAD is not a basic RV Jack Pad/Block. Its technology allows it to hold weights that other pads/blocks fail under.

HOSSPAD 1/2″ = 27,500 lbs per pad (375 psi)

HOSSPAD 1″ = 37,000 lbs per pad (500 psi)

HOSSPAD Extreme = 49,500 lbs per pad (500 psi)

Note: The maximum weight limit of each pad is based on load/weight being placed on top of the entire pad. IF your application only places weight on a portion of the pad then you need to calculate the max load based on the area of the pad under the load. Square inches where the load is being applied times the PSI rating = Maximum Load.

The HOSSPAD is RV Jack stabilizing Pad used under the Jack stands for your RV to help with leveling and stabilization of your RV. The HOSSPAD will act as a Jack Pad by itself or can be used in conjunction with other RV Pads on the market. Jack it up on a HOSSPAD. It is made out of recycled crumb rubber and Made in the USA.