RV Jack Pad Failure

There are many ways that your current RV Jack Pad could fail you. Some failures are minor some can be catastrophic. Jack pads are made out of a number of different materails from homemade pices of wood to polycarbonate or plastic pads. Wood usually becomes and issue when it is left ontop of the ground or sitting in a puddle for a long time under your trailer. This leads to mold growth or dry rot. It also means that the wood is obsorbing water making it way heavier then you would like. If you are traveling around there is nothing worse then having to put a wet piece of wood in your storage compart and have it stink up your trailer.
Minor failures out of plastic or polycarbonate material happens usually because of ground imperfections or wear and tear. Sometimes missalignment of the stacking feature of plastic pads can cause breakage. Sometimes this breakage can be severe with piecies of plastic shards shooting around. This missalsignment is usually the result of imperfections in the ground or it can because the pads shift when wieght is placed on them.
The HOSSPAD an RV Jack pad can help to solve many of the problems. The pad is UV resistant, water resistant and resistant to chemical solvants such as oil. HOSSPAD will not melt under normal operating temperatures including being place on asphault on a hot day. It is manufactured out of recycled crumb rubber tires and therefore a green product. The HOSSPAD can be used in conjunction with your other jacking pads or on its own. You can order your HOSSPADs at www.hosspad.com.