RV Jack Pad Hosspad for Parking Vehicles to prevent premature tire failure.

We hear from people all the time that they have decided to use our Hosspad as a means to stop premature tire failure on their vehicles, cars and even airplane when they store the vehicle for any length of time. In response to this we have begun selling the our RV jack pad the Hosspad to airplane, RV and car owners. We do not have scientific information that separating the tires of the vehicle from the ground, concrete or asphalt will actually help make you tires last. The thought is that Hosspad will separate the tires of your vehicle from the long term effects of ground, asphalt or concrete. It is believed that the concrete draws moisture out of tires causing premature failure.
Even if this idea is not true completely there are some benefits to parking your vehicle on top of Hosspad when it is stored for a period of time. We have found that our pads help to prevent sinking into asphalt or the ground when placed under your tires. They also raise the vehicle off the ground to keep the tires away from standing water or mud from gathering around the tires.

The HOSSPAD is RV Jack stabilizing Pad used under the Jack stands for your RV to help with leveling and stabilization of your RV. The HOSSPAD will act as a Jack Pad by itself or can be used in conjunction with other RV Pads on the market. Jack it up on a HOSSPAD. It is made out of recycled crumb rubber and Made in the USA.