Our Jack Pads are Green and Made in the USA

Most people when buying a product are concerned only with the fact of whether the product will work. They do not move past that and start to compare the underlying nature of the product. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that you should pay to attention to whether or not a product will work for you. That would be absurd. However, after you figure out that a type of product is what you need then it may be worth while to examine the environmental impact of that product. Was it made locally or was shipped across an ocean? What kind of materials were used? In other words is the product your buying a Green Product.

We manufacture the HOSSPAD jackpad for RV’s. The HOSSPAD is manufactured in the USA out of recycled tires, 90% recycled tires in fact. Its simple to use and can be used in conjunction with your current leveling pads. It will out perform most any jack pad and will last a lifetime. Some people use it to park their RV’s on when storing it for long periods of time to extend the life of their tires. Check us out at www.hosspad.com.