RV Jack Pad, The HOSSPAD Extreme

What is the HOSSPAD extreme you ask. The HOSSPAD extreme is an extreme jack stabilizer pad. Its the largest jack pad we manufacturer that is not special order. It was created to ensure that people with large Class A RV’s, 30,000lbs or greater, can put their jack stands down on a pad without fear of the pad breaking. Our pads are recommended to have a weight capacity of 375 psi (pounds per square inch) and 500 psi. For a RV jack foot that is 6″ x 10″ it can hold 30,00 pounds per HOSSPAD Extreme. That means that based on the size of a 6″ x 10″ RV jack foot it will hold an RV of 120,000lbs.
The larger the foot your jack stand has on your RV the greater weight that our pads can hold. We make sure that our pads are EXTREME. All HOSSPADS come with handle ropes and a carabiners to make it easy for you to handle and store them.
Buy you HOSSPAD extreme at your local RV store or right off our website.

The HOSSPAD is RV Jack stabilizing Pad used under the Jack stands for your RV to help with leveling and stabilization of your RV. The HOSSPAD will act as a Jack Pad by itself or can be used in conjunction with other RV Pads on the market. Jack it up on a HOSSPAD. It is made out of recycled crumb rubber and Made in the USA.